Hey guys, i think this is my first article in 2018. Hope youre having a good year...anyways this is my curently playlist, most of the songs are from last years or 2 years ago.This month i'm listening to very nostalgic, chill and sad songs. Btw my birthday was this year (i do't know why i wrote that but i'm not gonna erase lol, i'm weird)♥♥

Somebody else - The 1975
24/7 - The neighbourhood
A song about being sad - Rex Orange County
Bloom later - Jesse Rutherford
Best friend - Rex Orange County
Carmen - Lana Del Rey
Pink skies - LANY
Uhhh - Izr
Fairytale - Mily Chance
Home - Morgxn
Oxygen - Tsuki
When you were made - The Growlers
Ophelia - The Luminers
Bimmer - Tyler, The Creator ft Frank Ocean

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