2018...we have a celebrity billionaire in the white house, schools getting shot up, and people freaking out about everything. what a time to be alive. in this day and age there are many things i feel strongly about but the one thing i stand behind the most is the women's movement. i'm a 28 year old women trying to figure out my life and when things get tough it is great to know that there are women struggling but standing together to fight.

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as women we are taught from a young age that we are the homemakers, the childbearers, the caretakers. and all of that is great and everything but what we should have been taught is that as women we are strong, tough, and can be whatever we want to be. lucky for me i had a single mom who taught me just that. i am what i am because of her. and i will never be able to thank her enough. because of the women in my life i am the strong, independent women that i want to be.

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for this first time in my life i am seeing women all over the world stand together and fight for what they believe in. and that is something to feel strong about. growing up, going through school, girls always picked on each other. weather it was with boys or saying mean things about each other, that's not what they should have been doing. thankfully the close girlfriends i had fought for each other, not against each other. and most of those girls i am still close with today.

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so to all the women out there, no matter your age or beliefs, the one thing we all should do is stand together. if we all stop with the cady bullshit and stand up for our selves then women will truly be an unstoppable force. it is amazing to see what women all over the world have already accomplished, i can't wait to see what will come next.

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