"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but rising up every time we fail. - Confucius

Hi there!! All of you may be starting to stress about final exams. They’re coming up soon and they’ll be here in no time. I completely understand, me being a university student, exam season is one of the worst times at school. Being stressed during exam season is completely normal, everyone is in the same boat as you. Here are a couple of tips I always follow to cope with stress during exam time.

Plan your studying schedule

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I always like to take a planner (or even a piece of paper) and plan out my study schedule for exam time. This can allow you to schedule how much time you need to focus on a certain subject and when you can take breaks.

Take breaks often

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I always find that the more you take breaks, the harder you will work. This is because you will always have something to look forward too. Even a little break like making a snack, chatting with someone or even taking a 10-minute break to just breathe could really help you study. If you study non-stop, you’ll slowly start to drain yourself and this is never good during exam season.


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Exercising for me is really helpful during exam season because it actually helps me relieve some of the stress. Also, when you’re studying for days, you probably won’t be moving around a lot, so exercising helps get blood flowing and keep you fit.

Eating healthy

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We all know that exam time is always so busy, we never have enough time to actually make good food. Taking some time to cook and make your meals healthy is also a good break from all the studying. Remember to try not to skip meals and always stay hydrated.

Work in groups, if you can

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I sometimes find that if you study with a couple other people, or even just one other person, can really benefit your study habits. When I study with other people, it helps me remember certain things better because you can ask each other questions or bounce ideas off each other.

But please keep this in mind, don’t let the grades define you. There is so much more to each of you than the exams and the results you get in them.

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Study hard and good luck!!!

Much love <3
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