Every year girls are fighting with sexism, which is used against them. It is usually caused by men, who feel so little of themselves, that they want to make ladies to feel the same way. In my opinion, doing this kind of thing shows how men do not respect women and want to feel more superior. No matter how big this issue is, we, ladies, have to fight with that, because no man should make us feel less than we are.

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No man has a right to call us fat, not worth it, not enough, not beautiful, because if he does that, he is not a man that you should be with. A right man should tell you how pretty you are, that you are more than perfect and enough to him. And do not forget the most imporant thing, that you should feel good being yourself, because self - love - that's what is going to make you feel more confident and less afraid of what people are going to think.

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You do you girl, slay that and believe in yourself and what you are doing! #GIRLPOWER