Recently I've watched one of my beloved series again, and wanted to list out my favorite episodes, actually here are my top 11 episodes of Avatar The Last Air Bender (a sincere warning tho, spoilers ahead);

11.The Headband

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This episode is special for me because it is the first time we see Aang in a normal kids life, going to school, dodging bullies, being fun and Aang. Also we see so much more of his character than we have seen before, he is actually a cool, free kid that impresses girls; and that girl who likes Aang; she is so cute. And poor Aang you could have just had an easier romance.. But the episode resolves that too, we see for the first time Katara really seeing Aang as a grown up, even getting jealous. Not only these but in 20 minutes it shows the importance of handling things with peace and freedom, and how the students are raised in Fire Nation like a dictatorship critique. It was just good. And also seeing Sokka with that beard is just the best thing.

10.The Boiling Rock Part 2

This very episode is an amazing prison break story with incredible character development in just twenty minutes. I don't know where to start; seeing Zuko and Sokka alone in a journey, Zuko being amazingly cool in that prison uniform, Suki being a total badass, Mai and Tai finding their path, Azula facing the one thing she never expects, love winning over fear.

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9.Blind Bandit

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If anything, Toph is one reason enough to watch this series, and here is her origin story; i remember the first time I've watched this episode, I was immediately like "Earthbending is the coolest thing in the universe!" Seeing with vibrations, learning earth bending from its makers, everything makes Toph the greatest earth bender, as she always reminds us :D And as Sokka says; "Toph, what would we do without you?" Really what would they do? Well, we all are so glad to have you in the gang Toph!

8. The Chase

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This is the episode where all of us felt like, yeah we all need that good nights sleep. In this very episode the gang realizes how dangerous Azula really is, and this is their first encounter. Not only the gang, Zuko also shows up and gives us a heads up about how dangerous Azula can be. In the entire episode they run away from Azula without any sleep and somehow she keeps finding them. Without any sleep they had to fight and everything resolves in a few minutes and ends with Azula attacking her own uncle without hesitation. Other than proving Azula's capability in the 20 minutes of the episode you feel the exhaustion they are in and at the end, you just want to have a nap with them, the episode literally gives you the feeling they are in and that is amazing. One more thing, when Toph ran away, she encounters Iroh she doesnt know who he is and just have a cup of tea and gets advice which one more time makes us want an uncle like Iroh.

7.Zuko Alone

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The emotions of this episode, it is just so much. Everything has happened and happening, telling the story of a lonely stranger. The feelings all of us encountered. Anyway, seeing Zuko and her mother, and his relationship with Azula for the first time this close, getting into the family and at the same time Zuko finding shelter in an unexpected place. And that final scene: "Never forget who you are" "I, Prince Zuko, son of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa, rightful air of the throne" It is just magnificent, I can go back and watch that scene again and again. And at the end, after he saves the village, the bias towards fire benders.. It is so real, and doesnt go away. These are all real topics and emotions and thats what makes this show great.

6. The Crossroads of Destiny

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This episode is an absolute Azula showdown. She started giving us chills, even when she was a kid. And she is perfect, really if someone would be so close to killing the Avatar, even breaking the cycle of avatars it would be Azula, and it almost happened. She didn't even hesitated when she was trying to kill Aang when he was in Avatar State. Getting in Ba Sing Se, planning everything perfectly, controlling Dai Li and the worst getting in the mind of Zuko when he was so close to healing. And Zuko, how many more times will it take for you to understand before you betray your uncle? This is a very emotional episode in every level, Katara and Zuko talking and she was even going to use her magic water on his scar.. Then the amazing finale, the epic fights, this is absolutely one of the episodes that shows this series' power at storytelling.

I guess this is it for now, I will continue the countdown very soon. Have an amazing day!