As HUMANS we are always victims of generalization.

As if calling me 'antisocial' wasn't enough you decided to call teenagers 'antisocial'.

WE are always generalizing but when we are generalized the wrong way we call it a stereotype.

Then comes the question when is the right time to generalize?

When I say Black people love fried chicken or when I say White people are racist.

When is the wrong time to generalize?

When I say women are meant to stay at home or when I say intelligent people wear glasses.

We are trying so hard to be individuals but in the end, we will just become another statistic. Another generalization.

Personally, I find it hard to believe I can be an individual in a world that works with the quantity of its people rather than the quality of its people.

I think we are too busy prioritising the wrong things.

This weeks question: What do you find conflicting?

Theme song: Otherside by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


-Protect Love