Welcome back to my blog, beautiful soul ! Today I'll show you 5 habits that I started putting into practice this spring and who have helped me soo much.

  • Long rides on the bike
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  • Start a Bullet Journal
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When I'm bored, I have some free time or I'm trying to relax writing in my bullet journal is my favorite activity ever. Here I keep very organised(per months, weeks, days) my all ideas, texts, drawings, playlists, birthdays and even more.

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  • Writing articles
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This advice seems like a thing made only for people with talent, but don't forget that we are like diamonds: we are born a rough diamond, and we are honed in a lifetime !
If that does not delight you then think about how many opportunities a blogger has and how many good reactions you'll get! Ok, I don't talk anymore, but I just opened the idea for my next article.

  • Challenges
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A challenge in nature, inside in front of a computer, with friends or without, the challenges are a permanent reason for fun.

  • Weekly picknick


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