since I was a little kid, harry potter has been my all-time favorite books & movies.

3 years ago I got diagnosed with depression and panic disorder and I currently dropped out of school and the only thing I did was to watch and read harry potter and it was nice to escape from reality for a little while.

anyways, let's begin!

⚯͛ - which house do you belong to?

I placed myself in Slytherin from day 1 and so did the sorting hat!

slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image draco malfoy, harry potter, and motto image harry potter, broom, and hogwarts image Temporarily removed

⚯͛ - what's your wand?

rowan wood with a unicorn hair core 11 ¾" and unbending flexibility

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⚯͛ - what shape does your patronus take?

a swan

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⚯͛ - favorite professors?

Remus Lupin and Rubeus Hagrid

harry potter image harry potter, hagrid, and hermione granger image

⚯͛ - favorite subject?


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⚯͛ - favorite spell?


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thank you for taking the time to read this article.

xxx, Jay
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