Hey. I want to start a new series where I post things you can Donnerstag i different Citys. Today its all about Cologne. I where four times in Cologne yet. So if you once go there you know what to do!

Drive on the river

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You can buy a ticket for round about 28$ You will see the whole City from the river called Rhein. You can take very nice picture at a nice summer or spring day. But take a jacket or a thick scarf with you!

The Zoo

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You also can visit the zoo of Cologne. There are many nice animals which looks so cute.

The "Heumarkt"

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This is the second largest place in Cologne. There you can just walk along with your love and take beautiful pictures.

Botanical Garden

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You can see so many nice flowers and plants. I went there yesterday so the pictures are self-made by my mum <3


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You can visit museums. I liked the Wallraf Museum very much but you can visit also the Ludwig Museum or what ever interests you.

Belgian Quarter

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I couldn't find pictures of it but it also looks very cute ! You can just walk along and go shopping.