Hello ! Today I am going to recommend five artists that I absolutely love. I hope it is going to help you. English is not my first language so sorry if you see any mistakes. Let's get started !!

Billie Eilish

You have probably already heard about her. I love her voice so much and her music is so addictive I swear. I also really like her style and she is only sixteen !

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fav song : watch

Jaymes Young

I discovered him because I started to listen to "I'll be good" 24/7. I usually listen to his songs before going to school.

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fav song : I'll be good

Lewis Capaldi

I love him so much, I would do anything to go to his concert. I love everything about him !

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fav song : rush


I don't know anything about him but I just love his music so much. It is so calming and I listen to him when I feel down, when I'm angry or before going to bed. It really helps me, you should try it.

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fav song : rock+roll


I usually listen to his songs when I am working out (it's rap) and it's great. You probably already know "idfc". I really like his voice and his lyrics.

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fav song : chateau

That's it for today ! I hope you liked it, stay tuned for the third part coming soon !

bye :)