Hi guys, so I wrote this idea that I do not know if it's going to work out, but I'll try: Every month I'll post things about myself as I feel, and I'll see my evolution through time. Since this is the first time, I will tell you some things you should know about me:

1. I use Harry Potter´s glasses just like in the cover
2. I love the unknown
3. I´m crazy about Aliens
4. My favorites Tv shows are friends, the X files and the fosters
5. I don´t have a religion, I believe in various things
6. My favorite band is The 1975
7. I´m crazy for 80s teenage movies (maybe I should do a articles talking about my top 5 favorites 80s teenage movies?)
8. I´m in high school
9. I am very creative
10. I already created 2 ideas for Tv shows and they are in my notes
11. I love talk about life, society and discuss this kinda of stuff, you know?
SO, okay, I already said enough bye bye