Are you bored of doing always the same things? Stop using your phone too much, it's not healthy for you. Try doing these different activities.

Take a bath

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taking a bath is perfect if you are stressed and you want to calm your nerves from a tough week

Read magazines

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if you don't like reading books you can buy magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle and Marie Claire

Put on music and dance

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this is a very good activity because you have fun and you also lose a little weight

Go to a park

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take a walk, meet new people and admire nature

Find a relaxing scent

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I really enjoy smelling different scents and choosing which one is perfect for me


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meditating helps your body relax and learn to concentrate. my advice is to try an app to help you (I tried Calm and it is amazing)

Watch the clouds

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I find this activity very relaxing and peaceful

Write or read a poetry

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if you're into poems try to write some to express your feelings

Drive somewhere new

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it is always pleasant to drive and to discover new places

That's it. Of course there are other activities you can do instead of these, I was just suggesting you some that aren't too obvious. I hope I helped you with this new article and thanks for reading it ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป