Life is wonderful, we meet wonderful people, discover and try new things, but also lose and survive various misfortunes, forever as suicide of a close friend.
Daniel, no matter how much time I knew him, he was one of the most honest people I knew, so now you can say that everything is there and you do not change anything here.
But he was a bright light, which shone and healed together. I do not care.

And so I miss him, as you are missing something, it's normal. It's normal to humans, but not overlooked. And I also do not understand it until now, always death was something surprising to me, I did not understand how a person might die from his childhood and how does he feel like he is dying? Stupid questions? Very much But, as it is, I and you, too, will die, and so it's normal.

I want the world to find more abnormal things that can not be explained than the normal ones you know, but it is simply not possible to recognize them, could it be easier to live?

~~~ Just ask that your part not kill yourself as you killed him ~~~