In the past few months, a lot has become clear to me. Since then, I am much happier and feel freer and therefore I would like to share these things that I have learned with you.

1) Know what you want and make decisions quickly and intuitively. With no regrets and no apologies.

2) You can only be happy if you do what you want.

3) Never make yourself or your happiness dependent on anything. Not from things but especially not from people.

4) Do not underestimate yourself and if an oppurtunity does not exist - create it.

5) Only compare and compete with yourself.

6) Just because you feel it doesnt mean its there. For example if you are angry did the person you're mad at not do everything wrong.

7) The less you think, the happier you are. Do not worry about things that you can not change.

8) A smile ist the best thing you can wear. Everything else is everyones own taste.

9) When you don’t feel nervous about it, it’s probably not worth it.

10) It’s okay being not okay. You’re a human. Let the tears out.

11) Not everyone thinks the same way you think and not everyone got the same heart you got.

12) Breathe in positivity, breathe out stress and anxiety. Breathe in the future, breathe out he past.

13) Things change. And that’s okay.

14) Treat and talk to yourself like to someone you love.

15) Just because something isn’t happening right now doesn’t mean it never will.

16) Forgive. Not for them but for yourself. Do not carry burdens around with you. They're not worth it.

17) Stop taking things too personal. It’s not your fault when someone decides to be an idiot.

18) Never think you’re to old or too cool for something. Fun doesn’t end.

19) Stop trying to be everybodys favourite person. It won’t happen.

20) Let toxic people and things go.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I could inspire you a little bit.

Love, Diana