Hey, cuties!I am not gonna lie, I am kinda doing this article for myself since I am slacking on most of my goals for this year.I am pretty sure that a lot of you already forgot about the "new year, new me" as well.So here are some tips for myself that I hope that you will find helpful too.

➵Evaluate Yourself
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It is important, to be honest with yourself.Be your own judge.Evaluate your progress till now.Try to think why things didn't work out the way you wanted.You don't have to feel discouraged.We all fall once in a while but we also have the power to get back up!
➵Remind Yourself your New Year's Resolutions
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Read them or you can even re-write them from the start.It's strange how something so simple can change your whole attitude in a moment, right?
➵Set Smaller Goals
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We all set those huge goals at the start of the year that is hard to achieve and can become discouraging and overwhelming.You need to set smaller goals during the year such as monthly or even weekly goals.Think of them as steps that will lead you to your ultimate goal.
➵Inspiring Quotes
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Every time that I feel unmotivated and disappointed, I read some inspiring quotes.Sometimes all you need is a small reminder that you are the only one who keeps yourself back from your success.Your faith is in your hands!
➵Every Day can be a New Beginning
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Don't worry if you failed to keep up with your resolutions, you can always start again.Don't use a small fail as an excuse to give up, use it as a motive to try even harder in the future.
➵Mindset is Everything
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Are you happy with your current life?Do you feel satisfied?If not then keep trying, keep failing and then keep trying all over again until you are.Everything you are doing, you are doing it for you.Keep that always as a reminder.A lot of time and effort are needed so as to reach your dreams, so be prepared for what is coming!
➵Visualize your Goals
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Sometimes it's hard to stay focused on your goals.Try to visualize your life after you achieved everything you wished for, a little bit of daydreaming didn't harm anyone.You can even keep up a visual journal or create a visual board of your goals!
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➵Stay Organised
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Don't just go with the flow, create a daily routine!Having a routine will help you stay focused, save time and be more productive through your day.

That's all for today's article.I hope that you got some motivation!Feel free to send me a message or a postcard about anything.See ya soon xixixi ❤️



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