Probably it was destiny.

Last years I made it trough my A levels and of course i didn´t know what to do with my life. Well I thought i know, because I planed to start my operational training as a nurse in oktober. But there were still 4 months for me to travel with friends and chill.
Everthing started here on We <3 it with a girl from spain. We wrote a lot about animes and music and so on and one day she said i have to listend to BTS , a K-POP boygroup.
- little did i know.

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So life goes by and BTS is still my absolute favourite group, i love them soo much and know every song.

More and more i get in the korean culture... It started with books about the korean skin care (which became very popular now) and goes on with lots of travelblogs, youtube videos etc. Also i wanted to learn Korean to understand the lyrics.

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When i look at my life now i can clearly see me in Seoul or Busan in 3 years. Sadly i have to finish my work here because i need the money... But i´m still learning Korean, listening to BTS and K-POP, doing my skincare routine and saving money to make my dream come true <3

All this is just because of you all, a girl i barely know and some great music. - Thanks!

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Seoul i am coming soon.