A - age

15, alcohol, and bottle image Temporarily removed
I'm 15 years old

B - best movie/series

Back to the Future, volver al futuro, and film image Image removed
I loove the movie 'Back to the future'😍& My favourite series are 'stranger things', 'Riverdale' and 'prison break'

C - country

dark, germany, and lights image Temporarily removed
I' from Germany

D - drink you last had

Image removed Image by Gisselle

E - every day starts with

banana, breakfast, and food image food, fruit, and healthy image
Breakfest, my favourite meal😄

F - favourite song

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
'Fall', 'the middle of the night' by 'the vamps' and 'my house by 'flo rida'

G - greatest fear

sad, quotes, and lonely image slut, quotes, and whore image

H - hair

girl, fashion, and style image hair, hairstyle, and brown image
I've got short, light brown hair

I - In love with

finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image Temporarily removed
Finn Wolfhard from 'stranger things' is such a cutiee😍

J - jealous of

fitness and girl image ballet and ballerina image
Confident and strong girls☇

K - killed someone

Image removed book, quotes, and culture image
Wtf no

L - last time you cried

Temporarily removed sad, simpsons, and cry image

M - my favourite number

9, numbers, and yellow image numbers, typography, and 99 image

N - Number of siblings

sisters, heart, and quotes image girl, friends, and bath image
One sister

O - one wish

beach, girl, and summer image best friends, my, and love image
A best friend that stays always by your side

P - person you last texted

family, sister, and sisters image Temporarily removed
My sister

Q - question you always get asked

Image removed Image by charlinedbs
Why are you so quiet?

R - reasons to be alive

Image removed Temporarily removed
Warm summer nights, long talks and the sea

S - song

Image by Büşra Image removed
'Oh no' by Bmth

T - time you woke up

Sunday, quotes, and morning image girl, white, and bed image
8:00 am

U - underwear

Temporarily removed abs, fitness, and girl image

V - vacation

iceland, norse, and travel image coast, europe, and iceland image
Iceland or Australia would be soo cool😍

W - worst habit

Image removed fashion, girl, and hair image
Chewing on my lips

X - x-ray

rock image Temporarily removed
I've had one for my teeth last year

Y - your favourite food

oreo, food, and milk image Temporarily removed
I love ice cream, fruits, vegetables, muesli, and so much more🍉🍍🍕🧀🍿🍦🍫🍩🍝🎂🍳

Z - zodiac sign

cancer, zodiac, and signos image cancer and zodiac image