I actually really like coffee but I've finally noticed that it doesn't do me any good. I started drinking coffee a few weeks ago and didn't notice the consequences it had for me until now. my mind is going absolutely crazy and I cannot focus on anything properly. I have been studying the entire day and it literally makes my head spin. im bored out of my fucking mind, I have no idea what to do. its 3pm and it feels like theres still so many things that have to be done and I am running out of time. my wanderlust has only been getting worse, we have been travelling quite a lot lately and there is another school holiday coming up but we're not going anywhere this time. oof it probably sounds like I am bragging like crazy, I am not hhaha. im just used to seeing so many different places and I don't want to stay in this house, in this room, in this place. can someone take me somewhere? please? my birthday is coming up and im terrified that im not going to be in a good mental state. I need a fucking break from everything, literally everything.

"take me back to the basics and the simple life."

(im listening to EASE by troye and those lyrics kind of explain my mood rn)

my thoughts are all over the place im so sorry for this messy article, I hope all of you are doing okay. have you had a good day? I hope you have. goodnight, good afternoon or goodmorning, I love you.

lots of love (in any form) , sofie