Hello, dear Hearters!!! I have recently read this book and I simply love everything about it,so I made an article with my fav quotes and poems.

1. "What is stronger
than the human heart
which shatters over and over
and still lives "

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2. "If you are not enough for yourself
you will never be enough
for someone else"

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3. "I was music
but you had your ears cut off "

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4. "I have
what I have
and I am happy
I've lost
what I've lost
and I am

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5. "It is a part of the
human experience to feel pain
do not be afraid
open yourself to it" -evolving

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6. "If the hurt comes
so will the happiness " - be patient

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7. "How you love yourself is
how you teach others
to love you"

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8. "Loneliness is a sign
you are in desperate
need of yourself"

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9. "You were temptingly beautiful
but stung when I got close "

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10. "People go
but how
they left
always stays "

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11. "You might not have been my first love but you
were the love that made all the other loves
irrelevant "

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12. "The irony of loneliness
is we all feel it
at the same time"

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13. "You have sadness
living in places
sadness shouldn't live"

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14. "More than anything
I want to save you
from myself "

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I hope you'll enjoy my article and if you liked the poems and you wanna read more, here's a link with the website where you can find the ebook and download it :