Hello everyone!
Today I show you my country - Poland

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Some main informations:
Location - Central Europe
Capital - Warsaw
Population - 38.5 milion people


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We have a lot of forests, lakes, fields. You can also go to mountains or sea.


Poland image old warsaw image city and warsaw image Poland, port, and danzig image Poland, польша, and polska image architecture, church, and cities image architecture, city, and market image beautiful, city, and night image
Poznan, Kraków, Warszawa, Gdansk, Wroclaw


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Krzyztopor, Malbork, Niedzica, Ksiaz, Moszna


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deer, stork, hedgehog, horse, fox

Famous Poles

pianist image Image by Nesca actor, b&w, and director image Magdalena Frackowiak, model, and beauty image paul wesley, the vampire diaries, and stefan salvatore image vintage, actress, and beauty image Catholic, pope john paul ii, and saint john paul ii image football, match, and spiel image
Fryderyk Chopin, Anja Rubik, Roman Polanski, Magdalena Frackowiak, Paul Wesley, Pola Negri, Pope John Paul II, Robert Lewandowski

At the end something funny

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Hope you enjoy it,
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