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I'm here again with another tag! I was tagged by my friend Kara to do this.

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Europe or America?

city, light, and night image bridge, travel, and city image

Coffee or tea?

vogue, coffee, and city image red and coffee image

Cats or dogs?

Image removed adorable, animal, and dog image dog, puppy, and cute image dog, animal, and cute image

Books or movies?

stranger things, quotes, and red image stranger things, netflix, and series image
Movies / tv-shows

Bath or shower?

bath, girl, and relax image girl, bath, and luxury image

Caramel or chocolate?

food, chocolate, and cupcake image donuts, food, and red image food, strawberry, and waffles image strawberry, chocolate, and food image

Jeans or skirt?

fashion, outfit, and red image fashion, girl, and summer image fashion, red, and style image fashion, style, and girl image

High heels or sneakers?

Image removed red, fashion, and shoes image Temporarily removed shoes, fashion, and heels image
High heels

Pretty little liars or gossip girl?

Temporarily removed girl, beauty, and red image
Pretty little liars

Homesick or adventurous?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It paris, girl, and travel image fashion, style, and bike image travel, girl, and paris image

Ice cream or sweets?

Copyrighted image food, ice cream, and chocolate image
Ice cream

Banana or coconut?

Temporarily removed food, coconut, and healthy image

Pizza or hamburger?

food, burger, and fries image Image removed

Strawberry or apple?

Temporarily removed food, pancakes, and strawberry image food, strawberry, and chocolate image food, strawberry, and breakfast image

Denim or leather?

fashion, girl, and indie image bella hadid, fashion, and style image

I tag

( bel )
( bel )
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ʟʏᴅs ✩

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