Hey everyone!
When I saw this challenge I really liked it. I hope you have fun reading and learning more things about me.

Coke or Pepsi

red and red vogue image blue, heart, and white image
Answer- Coke

Adidas or Nike

adidas, grunge, and white image nike, fashion, and style image
Answer- Nike

Cats or Dogs

adorable, cat, and sweet image dog, cute, and puppy image
Answer- Both tbh

Summer or Winter

summer, girl, and beach image Image by Karina-Beatrix Szilagyi
Answer- Definitely summer

Pie or Cake

Temporarily removed food, cake, and chocolate image
Answer- Cake!

Freckles or Dimples

rainbow, grunge, and tumblr image Temporarily removed
Answer- Freckles

Pancakes or Waffles

food, breakfast, and pancakes image food, waffles, and chocolate image
Answer- Waffels

Heels or Sneakers

Temporarily removed adidas, aesthetic, and shoes image
Answer- Sneakers

Long or Short Hair

long hair, blonde, and hair image Image removed
Answer- Long hair

Books or Movies

pastel, book, and aesthetic image netflix, pizza, and tea image
Answer- I love both so much

Chocolate or Vanilla

cupcake, chocolate, and food image ice cream, food, and yummy image
Answer- Chocolate

Burgers or Pizza

food, burger, and hamburger image food, pizza, and delicious image
Answer- Pizza

Sunrise or Sunset

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Answer- Sunrise

Coffee or Tea

Image removed Image by Maria
Answer- Coffee

Early bird or Night owl

beauty, city, and bedroom image light, city, and moon image
Answer- Night owl

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