Hi guys! 🎪 Sorry I was inactive, I had some days of no inspiration. I recently finished American Horror Story Cult, and this serie is one of my favorite so I want to share with you my favorite characters from all the seasons 🧠

Constance Langdon

She ruined her childrens' lives and is so cruel, how can you not love her?

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Murder House

Tate Langdon

Tate is the most famous character of AHS and I adore it, Evan Peters was so good at doing his crazy moments and pass to lovely moments with Violet. Fantastic!

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Murder House


The fact that we meet Pepper in the second season and you know her story in the fourth it's great because it is such a cute character and sad at the same time... so sorry for her

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Madison Montgomery

Emblematic bitch of Coven, she is cruel, rude and pervert. I just can't get over her mannerism. You hate her, but at the same time you have to like her a little bit.

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Dandy Mott

This guy. My favorite character of AHS ever. He is so selfish, spoiled and I love the way Finn Wittrock plays it, he is totally insane.

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Freak Show

Liz Taylor

This is the person everyone need in his life, to give you advice on your next step. So calm, with such a complex story. Interesting.

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Sally McKenna

Bitch number 2 of AHS, she is the 'pain in the neck' most of the times, but she suffers and makes you suffer through the season and it's very well acted by Sarah Paulson

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Kai Anderson

When you first start Cult you don't understand the story and Kai, everything feels weird but going on with the episodes everything becomes clear and Kai is just... wow. His evolution is unique and everything in the serie is related to him.

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There is not Roanoke because I didn't like it at all, so for the ones that loved that season I'm sorry! 🤡

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Hope you liked it! 🎈
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