A couple months ago I wrote the first part of this article. To be honest, it was a hard day, a hard week in fact, so I was "desperately" looking for a little motivation. Lately, the best place where I get motivated is we heart it. I don't know why, but when I start to write for a certain topic the words come naturally & I feel kind of relieved. That's because it's great when you share your experience, feelings with others. It's great when you get & give support.
So, while visiting other hearters I found a lot of inspirational quotes and I came up with the idea of writing an article about them. As I felt better & motivated, I wanted others to feel in the same way, too. So that's exactly what I did and i'm glad people liked it. This means, that i reached my purpose.

So, today I decided to write the second part of inspirational quotes. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I do ♡

1. Self love ♡

Don't wait someone to tell you're beautiful, you're smart. Everything starts by you. Feel comfortable with your self, believe in your capacity and great things will happen.

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2. Confidence ♡

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3. Courage ♡

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4. Optimism ♡

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Passion ♡

At the end it keeps us alive, right?

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Girl Boss ♡ (Feminist quotes)

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Inspiration ♡

Thank you for reading & rating my article. I hope it'll be useful to you, Evi ♡