Hi everybody
I know, that it's almost too late to write an April TBR, but here I am. So some of these Books are on german, some on english. But I am gonna search for the english names and will write them down here.

The Hate U Give

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I have that Book since the last year and I just wasn't sure, if I'm ready for that kind of stuff. But i really wanna pick it up. I've already began with it, but I think I'm like a 100 pages in and I really wanna end it. I think, it sounds like a great Book and form what I've read by now, I really like it.

The Power of Six

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I read the first Book I am Number Four last Month and I really liked it. And I've already thought about buying the next one. So I didn't had the really long on my Shelf for unread Books. I've already watched the movie and I thought, that it was so sad, that they didn't made the second Book into a movie.

Queen of hearts

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I have this Book since ... I think November. I thought, that the cover is so gorgeous and if you're asking yourself, if that picture up here is the cover, i have to say: It's not. I haven't found the cover, so i just picked this one, because it's pretty similar. I never really liked the heart queen. I really like other Villains, but not her. I prefer the cat. But I' am ready to read more about her and her story.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

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I really liked the movie Wonder Woman , because I think, women are as strong as Diana and that we can handle heartbreak and war and that we can be as strong as men are, when not even stronger. I think, it just represents women pretty good. The only not so good thing was the short skirt, that she wears. But without that, she wouldn't be the Wonder Woman, that we all know. But since I heard, that there would be a new book series called DC Icons , which are written by different authors, I was completely down for it.

I don't know, if I can read all of them, but I will try and hopefully I will post, if Iread them all and if I changed something about my April TBR. I wish you a beautiful sunday and a good week.