Spring has started and road trips can begin! I travel a lot by a car and I like it. I use to travel with my family at least once a year to Austria and we travel by a car. So I am here to show you my tips for a car ride.

1. pack a small bag and place it on a seat, not to a trunk
I pack there food, water, book, charger, tissues, headphones, ... just basic things you will need during the ride, so you don´t have to stop everytime you need something and look for it in the trunk.

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2. take a pillow and a blanket
Pillow is must have! In the car it is most comfortable item haha. You can take a blanket if you travel in the winter or in the night.

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3. wear comfy clothes
Wear sweatpants or leggins and basic t-shirt, nothing tight. Don´t wear accesories and belts. Make a ponytial or a bun.

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4. make a playlist
It isn´t a roadtrip if you don´t have a cool playlist! You can listen to it on the radio or with headphones. Music creates the perfect atmosphere of travelling.

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5. stop on a rest stop
Take a break from sitting and go for a little walk around rest stop, go on a toilet, eat something. I recommend to stop on a rest stop every 2 hours.

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6. look outside of the window
This is my favourite thing. I just sit and look around me with music on and windows down.

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7. have your passport, ID and money always with you
This is important when you are travelling abroad. Keep it in the bag I mentioned in tip 1.

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8. another little tips

  • take photos
  • play games
  • take pills if you don´t feel good while travelling by car
  • storytime with friends or parents
  • post pictures on social media/ send weird pictures of you to your friends
  • have fun and enjoy the ride!

hope you liked it
see you soon