Hello, the article of the day will focus on the songs I love:
"songs you love"

Beyoncé/Jay Z

-Forever Young
-If I were a boy
-Pretty hurts

beyoncé image beyonce knowles, halo, and queen bey image

James Arthur

-Say you won't let go

james arthur image black and white, perfection, and recovery image

Sam Smith

-Stay with me
-Too good at goodbyes
-I'm not the only one

logic, pray, and sam smith image boy, gay, and singer image


-Thank God
-I do it
-College Dropout
-Should I
-In the jungle

beautiful, blue, and boy image blue sky, celebrity, and curly hair image curly, lights, and retro image boy, celebrity, and concert image


-Bird Set Free


-Skinny love
-People help the People

Jessie J - Flashlight

Major Lazer - Too Original

Jeff Gutt - Hallelujah

Ed Sheeran - The A team

Alexiane - A Million of my Soul

Rihanna - Stay

Casseurs Flowters

-Si facile
-J'essaye j'essaie

easel, quote, and casseur flowteurs image gringe, orelsan, and casseurs flowteurs image

Josh Daniel - Jealous

Syntax - Pride

BigFlo et Oli

-Je suis
-La vraie vie
-Répondez moi

rap fr, oli, and la vraie vie image Temporarily removed

Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know

album, am, and arctic monkeys image Image removed

The Clash - Should I stay or should I go

Temporarily removed neon, blue, and light image

Willamette Stone - Heart like yours

Image removed if i stay, music, and movie image

Imagine Dragons


NF - Let you down

Bella Ciao

berlin, el profesor, and la casa de papel image

I hope you enjoyed this loooong article.
I apologize in advance if I made spelling mistakes, I'm French.