The days when we feel down or the feeling that something is holding us back. Those days are the perfect days to think. To think about why you have this feeling. What is going on what the reason is to these feelings. What's bothering you? Think about that, when you have figured that out you can think differently.

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More in the positive direction. The solution way of thinking. What do you have to do to lose those strange way of feeling, because nothing should hold you back in this damn short life. You should have the best time ever. Of course there must be bad times sometimes. But the dread in life shouldn't be bad things.

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Small things can help. For example changing your room. Move the furniture in your room, deep clean your room and buy some new decoration. A new space can give you so much new energy Maybe it's enough energie to get out.
Open your mind to new things, maybe there's something what will change your life completely. It can be a new hobby you discover. Or a new people you meet.

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But the most important thing is you have to try to open your soul and to push all bad things out of it and after that you grab all the positive energy and put in you to stand up every morning and think, damn I'm going to rock this freaking day.

Xxx Raje