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I’ve been tagged by Tess to do the Honesty Tag which was originally created by Michel. Their articles and links and down below.

m i c h e l
m i c h e l

▹How often do you lie?

Not often, hardly.

▹Honesty or loyalty?

In my opinion, loyalty would mean that you’re honest so I would say both. If you’re loyal, that means that you would always, if not most of the time, tell the truth to whoever you’re loyal to.

▹On a scale of 1 to 10, how honest are you?

1 being dishonest and 10 being honest all the way I would say 9. I have sometimes lied a bit, or tweaked the truth. Let’s be honest (hah), no one can be absolutely perfect and honest.

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▹Do you always say what you think?

I used to, but now I know that sometimes it isn’t wise. I often think of really weird things and now I know that if I say it, it could probably get me into serious trouble with anyone so I think before I speak more often now.

▹Have you ever lied to your parents?

No. I hardly lie and I always feel guilty when I do, even if it’s a tiny bit, especially to my parents. Of course I have a few secrets which are about friends and stuff.

▹Have you ever stolen anything?


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▹If you were a different person, would you be interested in being friends with someone like you?

Yes...I think so. :)

▹Can you keep a secret?

Yes. If information given to me is to be kept a secret, it will stay a secret with me until I’m allowed to tell it. Spoilers however, is a different story for me...

▹Why is honesty important?

If everyone in the world was dishonest and everyone else knew it, no one would be at peace. It would affect relationships of all kind and there would be so much drama in the media, in the world etc.

▹Do you think you’re a trustworthy person?

Yes, I would say that I am trustworthy.

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▹Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?

Depends on the situation. But mostly, no; something I feel strongly about, yes.

That’s it! I think many people have already done this tag since it came out quite a while ago so I won’t be tagging anyone this time. If you want to do it though, you can definitely do it!

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