AYEEE SO THIS IS MY BRAND NEW PLAYLIST because im inactive for like so long so i thought why not make a new title for my playlist?

here's the link to the playlist bc in here i will not be putting all of the songs on my playlist : https://open.spotify.com/user/rhyrdn/playlist/1XC1zLXztZbX8oUDjx2bNn?si=1Ses6XAFTyeNAK7_qAblGQ

here we go

float - EDEN

eden is god u guys im not sure whats the sound in the background that beating kind of thing but it sounds cool

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chilly - NIKI

NIKIIII AHSHJDHHJSH this is one of her best one tho. also she's the gs of halsey's asia tour but sadly i cant go:-(

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have you ever been - sebastian olzanski

YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO HIS ENTIRE 'FINDING ME' EP OMG summer 16' is my fave jsdjhfjdsh

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blood and bones - TRACE

LYRICS THO this is my current fav song

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H2O - jasmine sokko

this song LITERALLY got me in tears. her voice is sooo chill this song is just so beautiful im not kidding !!

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strawberries and cigarettes - troye sivan

love at first listen tho am i right? got me in tears :'(

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love no more - astn

SO CHILL AYEE also he has such precious voice

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heaven - julia michaels

LOVE'S MY RELIGION BUT HE WAS MY FAITH ok lYRICS also love at first listen kind of song i still love this song since day 1

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buzzin - alina baraz

i always got hyped listening to this love u alina

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beautiful - bazzi

i know you love bazzi too you know when you listen to bazzi ure high urself like ur flying idk its like youre falling into the lyrics or something he did great tho

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ayeeee u guys thats it thank u excuse my bad grammar im not an expert