Ok for study I listen music without lyrics but in my breaks I listen different kind of music.
For study I search in YouTube: "music for studying" and automatically appears different videos with relaxed music and without lyrics. It is easy and quick. I don´t have a specific playlist for study but I have specific and favourite songs for my breaks and here are them.

Songs for my breaks

My favourite song.

My actual favourite song is a song in spanish and it's reggaeton.
The name of the song is "Sola" by Anuel AA Ft. Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Farruko, Zion Y Lennox. If you want to listen it here is the link:

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The worst

The one that I don't listen for my breaks is "Earned it" by The Weeknd because it's really low and I get sleepy and I don't want to study anymore.

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I get distracted

The song that distracts me for 3:38 minutes and makes me dance is "Dura" by Daddy Yankee.

Harry Styles, one direction, and best song ever image

Encourage me to continue

The song that encourage me to continue studying is "BO$$" by Fifth Harmony.

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I really love listening music while I'm studying and this was a tip and a little bit of my preferences. I hope you use my tip and follow it or do whatever you prefer.

Read you later.