Lisbon and Porto

So my next journey!
I traveled to Lisbon and Porto, with two of my roommates from my program. I was so excited for this journey... this whole experience did not 'hit me' until I landed to Lisboa airport and saw that the language was different yet so similar too Spanish. At that moment I felt pure happiness. We headed to our Hostel ( Rossio Hostel), which was a mess because we weren't sure how to get into our room. At that moment we thought we weren't going to have a place to sleep, which is scary when traveling because you depend on that hostel. All was fixed and got ready the next day. We first headed off to Sintra, which was about an 1 hour away from central Lisbon. Sintra was beautiful, but the travel there was confusing. We took a train, but had to buy passes of course. On the ride there we met some people who were really nice! As we arrived, we wondered how the heck we were supposed to get to Sintra castle, this is because as soon as we walked out, we looked up and all you saw was a steep hill, then one noticed the castle. We began to walk toward the castle but in order to get there, we had to explore through the city. We got to see the Sintra National Palace and saw someone important but we weren't too sure who it was. But we continued with our journey that involved a hike. The hike was beautiful but I almost died because I was so out of shape. LOL The hike was full of greenery and beautiful city views. This was wonderful but it was not until we got to the top to Sintra when we saw the real view. This castle was of so many colors, it honestly looked magical. The detail on the building, the tile, it was literally a fairytale. I was so happy to be at the peak, and as we toured the castle, we took a picture of the insides as well as selfies!

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We then returned to central Lisbon and went straight to Christ The King and Belem Tower. These monuments were gigantic but beautiful. As we felt the sea breeze, we arrived to the famous Pasteis de Belem and tasted the delicious Pastel de Nada, which is a sweet milk custard. We then got to city center and ate on the tables outside and admired the culture. We each enjoyed typical seafood such as Bacalhau a bras, and shrimp with rice. We ended the night by walking around and finding The Santa Just Lift. The next morning we walked towards the Castle of Sao Jorge, we walked a few steps but not as much as the hike from before. I really enjoyed this hike as well because we were able to walk through the city neighborhood and got to see street art. When arriving to the castle we noticed that it was so much different from Sintra. It was rustic and grey filled with cement/bricks/walls but very unique. This castle also had a spectacular view of the city, we were able to see the orange roof tops and the sea. Then, we headed down and went in the Lisbon Cathedral. This cathedral looked similar to Notre-Dame de Paris, so I was able to get a perfect shot of the tram and Cathedral, which complimented each other very well. We then walked to the boardwalk at Praca do Comercio, at this moment I felt peace, this is because there was a man singing and playing an instrument which created a beautiful melody. As this happened the waves hit the ground and created a safe atmosphere. We then walked to Miradouro Park Eduardo VII, that had a crazy cool view. Note* that Portugal has many hills so everywhere we went, we got a few steps, literally everywhere! We were able to return to our Hostel and went into the Sardine store. YES! a store with sardines, but not just any store, they had sardines in a can with every year engraved on it, the theme of the shop was like a carnival. It was truly epic. We finally got to rest and go to a rooftop bar and got a mojito. It was refreshing and the rooftop bar was very sheik. As tired as I was my roommates convinced me to go to a hipster market, ' Time Out Market'. We made it and thought it was really cool. I was able to see how people had social lives, they looked like they enjoyed it very much.

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Next we flew to Porto! Something really cool about that trip was that we met up with a couple other friends from my same program unexpectedly at the airport. As we headed into the city, the first thing we saw was the Chapel of Souls "Capela das Almas". A chapel with tiles telling a story of saints. We were really hungry, so we ate at a restaurant and got lasagna, which I enjoyed very much! We then walked into the city a bit more and got to the River where the Dom Luis I Bridge was. We were in awe with all the people, food and boats! The life and color were insane. My courageous friends then decided to walk up stairs to the Bridge. Which was another addition to my hiking trips. It was worth it of course because I felt the heat and sun-ray on my skin, so I felt alive! As we got to the top we walked on the bridge that had a metro track so you had to constantly check if the metro was coming ( this place was great for pictures). We then sat on this hill-park, with green grass. People were laying down, others drank, and just enjoying happiness, life and the sunset. We then walked to another park and enjoyed the company of people. This was also a cool experience because I payed on the grass and took in the breeze and city noise. The next morning we planned to go to Matosinos beach, where we tried the Francesinha, the famous Oporto dish. It was very delicious and interesting haha. Being in Porto, we got to go to the highest Bell Tower, 'Clerigos Tower'. Honestly guys, View views views, you would never get tired of it. Overall we were tired to go to a club, but the city was very much alive.

We were sad to leave, but we had to go back to Madrid. This country is definitely underrated, and has so much exotic beauty. Its fine by me because I hope to one day go back! This trip was exhilarating, we walked everywhere and were amused by the language. I'd do it all over again just to see the beautiful views. To The sunny seaside of the Atlantic Ocean being a serene experience, Obrigada Lisboa and Oporto.

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