Hiii ❤ It's Lisa! This is a new a concept on my account the "playlist of the month" ! I think it's a great idea to introduce you my tastes so yeah let's go! Like i said it's MY playlist, not new songs. Hope you enjoy !

1| Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics |

peach, aesthetic, and pink image peach, aesthetic, and water image

2| All Night - Big Boi |

aesthetic, yellow, and tumblr image food, chocolate, and white chocolate image

3| Tainted love - Soft Cell |

Temporarily removed Image by Sofia.IQ.97

4| Holding on to you - Twenty One Pilots |

Image removed sea, nature, and bird image

5| Wake me up before you go go - Wham! |

blue, aesthetic, and vintage image Temporarily removed

6| Feel it still - Portugal. The man |

window, sky, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and blue aesthetic image

7| Stayin Alive - Bee gees |

purple, light, and sky image purple, aesthetic, and light image

8| Dive - Ed Sheeran |

Temporarily removed lilac, purple, and theme image

9| Girls just want to have fun - Cyndi Lauper |

pink, light, and aesthetic image alternative, grunge, and pink image

10| In my blood - Shawn Mendes |

Temporarily removed light, red, and aesthetic image

11| Should I stay or should I go - The Clash |

orange, aesthetic, and street image orange image

12| Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons |

Temporarily removed peach, sky, and orange image

13| Every breath you take - The police |

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

14| Want you back - 5 Seconds Of Summer |

green image mint, mint green, and repetition image

15| With or Without you - U2 |

green, tropical, and nature image green and vintage image

16| Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots |

aesthetic, baby blue, and blue image pink, blue, and pastel image

17| September - Earth, Wind & Fire |

Image by 19s03x17n Temporarily removed

18| Moondust - Jaymes Young |

aesthetic, grunge, and purple image blue, light, and aesthetic image

19| Knockin' on heaven's door - Guns N' Roses |

purple, sky, and window image sky, pink, and clouds image

20| Saturn - Sleeping at last |

pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

21| Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve |

colour, dark red, and red image Temporarily removed

22| Dive - Ed Sheeran |

Temporarily removed car, dark, and girl image

23| Wonderwall - Oasis |

Temporarily removed peach image

24| The Judge - Twenty one Pilots |

aesthetic, yellow, and pastel image flowers, yellow, and blue image

25| Zombie - The Cramberries |

aesthetic, mint, and green image green image

26| I'll be good - Jaymes Young |

green, slytherin, and aesthetic image Darkness, green, and lipstick image

27| Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes |

aesthetic, alternative, and baby blue image blue, grunge, and polaroid image

28| Brother - Kodaline |

sky, friends, and grunge image blue, crepuscule, and dark image

29| Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People |

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed

30| Hey ya! - OutKast |

purple and lacosta image purple, ice cream, and food image

There it is ! 30 songs that i love and i listen like...... everytime ? haha!
Thanks for reading all this! Love you all!

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