Hello, welcome back if your following my articles and welcome if you’re new here. I welcome y'all with open arms.Today I am doing an article on my favorite aesthetics. All these aesthetics can be found here (), Google, and maybe even Tumblr. I haven’t seen a lot of these and I feel like some of these aesthetics are underappreciated. Enjoy!


orange, travel, and alternative image
flowers, orange, and aesthetic image

Orange is a color I feel is under used, it’s a favorite for me because during this time of year, it makes me think of summer.

Forest Green:

aesthetic, beautiful, and green image
nature, photography, and river image

I live in Washington and I am always surrounded by greenery, I can’t get enough of the colors of the pine trees up in the mountains.

Mustard Yellow:

yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image
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I enough the color yellow, but mustard yellow has a hold on me. It's honestly such a good vibe.

Navy Blue:

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rose, red, and neon image

This navy blue color gives me ocean vibes. It bring me happiness when i see it because I know summer is approaching.

Burnt Brown:

brown, light, and aesthetic image
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Burnt Brown is just so pretty, like honestly this color will open a new piece of you.

That was it for this article. See you guys next time.