This is the continuation of pt. 1 listed below :)


1. Sarah Baska

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My go-to story-time tuber in all honesty! I love Sarah! She is so funny and her content style is unmatched one day she is vlogging the next she is making french fries. Stay Rad. Stay Bad.

2. TooTurntTina

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A style icon and vine legend. Tina is my age so it makes her a lot more relatable and all the funnier...

3. Community Channel

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Nat makes any meme a reality and any problem no matter how small she’ll address it if not in the video definitely in porno music/comment time. Her channel may be dead now...but we got the memories.

4. LilyCReads

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The rant reader this world needs. Honest books reviews and rants that make my day...

5. PolandBananas20

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Book lion. BOOK QUEEN! Christine got me into booktube for sure and has the world’s best sibling tags tbh.

6. thatsideofutube 2

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BEST random videos the internet has to offer.

7. xxWhisperofDreamsxx

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Video edits queen. I had a short spell where I was suuper into video editing and her videos combine my love for that and tv. BEST FAN-EDITS YOU WILL EVER FIND.

8. Basic

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Real talk all the time. Not afraid to call you out. The ONLY drama channel on youtube.

# 9. Exposed

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No tea. No shade. Just facts.

10. Bri Hall

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A lifestyle queen with edges laid to the gods!


Okaaaay that's it! Let me know what y'all think! so you like any of these tubers lol? Message me if you have any questions and such blah blah blah!

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