Hi, guys. So, I saw this tag and as 5sosfam, of course I wanted to try. Check it out her article:

Who is your favorite member?

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Calum is my bae.

How did you find out about them?

Well, a girl wrote a comment on Facebook about them and I got curious haha. It was in 2013.

Favorite songs from Album: 5SOS?

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Heartbreak girl, because was the first song I heard from them and amnesia, because Calum sings the most haha.

Favorite songs from Album: Sounds Good Feel Good

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Vapor, San Francisco and Jet Black Heart.

Ever seen them live?

Unfortunately no. Once they came to Rock In Rio, but I didn't have money to go.

Favorite music video?

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Try Hard and Don't stop.

EXTRA: Favorite ship.

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