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Is there a connection between your eye color and your personality?
there have been a few different scientific studies to see if there is any link between personality traits and the eye color.
Let's find that out!

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DARK BROWN/BLACK eyes is a very rare eye color. It means you have a mysterious nature and you're a natural leader, or you are perceived in that way.
Also if you have DARK BROWN/BLACK eyes you're very responsible and you take the trust that people give you very seriously. You're loyal, practical and hard working.

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BROWN eyes are the most common of all the eye color, over 50% of the population have BROWN eyes.
If you have BROWN eyes you're confident with people, extroverted in nature, like to meet new people and develop new relationships. you live in the moment and you are practical with a love for nature.

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HAZEL is a very rare color in the iris, which could mean you're very unique character. They are made up of GREEN and BROWN eyes, the shades can very greatly from person to person.
You have an unpredictable personality changing from an introverted to extroverted personality. Also spontaneous, adaptable, fun, loving, likes new experiences and become bored quickly.

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People with GRAYISH BLUE eyes tend to be fairly calm indiviuals with prominent features. They are compassionate, but they do have bouts of anger that you should be ready for.

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These are people who do not go by their impulses very easily, but on the contrary. their intellect influences their decisions.
Logic determines what they think or do. because of this, they only accept what they can prove with facts and numbers.
This color habitually is associated with people who are controlled by their own emotions.

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This color is a sign of responsibility. These people tend to end up in positions related to engineering, mathematics, politicus, or social activities.
they can be impulsive, and very hard workers.

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People with OLIVE eyes are fairly impulsive, but always end up being logical.
Their reactions are faster, and because of this they adapt well to work that requires instant decisions.
They have great need for human relations.
They are competitive in sports and tend to be leaders.

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People with GREEN eyes have personality that is both logical and emotional. Because of this, their reactions are split between emotions and logic. They tend to be pleople who turn into leaders wherever they go, controlling everything and everyone.
In addition, they hate having a daily routine.

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You're cool, confident and generous. you have a high opinion of yourself, but you never bring others down. You don't have a ton of friendships but the ones you have tend to be fiercely loyal.

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You're friendly, practical and dependable. Your eyes might change color with your mood, but you are someone people can really count on when the going gets though.


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