Hello everyone!! My name is Vivian, I'm from Argentina. I speak Spanish, but to write this I need to speak English, hahaha. I go to the English class, but anyway, I will most likely use the translator. Ok, let's start.
One of my passions is to travel, although I always travelled in my country. My country has such fantastic places, my favourite are Bariloche or the Iguazu Falls, they are beautiful places. I would love to travel around the world so I'll leave you with this list of the places I would like to travel.

1. Venice, Italy.

travel, venice, and italy image boat, europe, and italy image

2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

amsterdam image amsterdam, travel, and city image

3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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4. New York, Usa.

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5. Paris, France.

paris, travel, and france image Image by JuJu

This is just part of what I want to know. I will try to upload more places that I would like to know over time.
I am sorry if my writing isn´t the best, but I will try to improve.