HI there! This article is about 4 books i've read and i want to share with you. Down of each photo of the book cover i am gonna tell you why i like it (Without making spoilers, of course) and the genre.

  • Clemencia
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Genre: Fiction

About the book: This book was wrote by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano who is a mexican writer. The story takes place in Guadalajara, México in the century XIX, in 1863, In the french second invasion(1862-1867) and if you are the type of person that enjoys the detailed descriptions about places, then this is a good book for you. He describes very on point Guadalajara (where the story is carried out), it´s traditions and all the characters taking place in the book. The story has different characters with notable personalities and while you read you will find: passion, sacrifice, sadness, friendship, competition, a desperate love, tragic destiny...

What i think: At a certain point i must admit that i thought it was a cliché plot. I mean we have: the girl that falls in love with the "perfect guy" and at the same time the "nice guy" who falls for her. But let me tell you this: nothing is as it seems and the end really surprised me, i wasn't expecting it. I kinda cried.

  • The Raven Boys.
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Genre: Young adult fiction, Fantasy.

About the book: This book was wrote by Maggie Stiefvater who is an american writer. The story it's a serie of four books, being this the first one. If you like plots about strong friendship, paranormal stuff, ghosts, seers, magic, mystery, a dangerous love and trees speaking in latin theeeen this is your book.

What i think: I love how this was wrote. There was never a moment where i was bored and it kept me intrigued all along. You never know what to expect.

  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before
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Genre: Young adult romance.

About the book: This book was written by Jenny Han who was born in Richmond, Virginia. This book is followed by two sequels and it's all about love. We have a girl named Lara Jean who wrote letters to the 5 guys that she has "loved" keeping it as a secret. Sudenly all goes out of control when the letters come to light. If you like to see the handsome guy, the popular girl, the super mega good and perfect older sister, the impossible love and an unexpected love ... this is for you.

What i think: It was really entertaining, i mean i love this kind of stories with happy endings. Well kinda happy. This definitely is a cliché story but you can enjoy it, and even in some parts you get surprised.

  • Memoirs Of A Geisha
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Genre: Historical novel

About the book: Book wrote by Arthur Golden an American author. The story is about Chiyo a little girl who is separated from her ill mother and poor dad, and is taken to Kyoto to be trained to becoming a Geisha. If you like to learn about japanese culture and traditions this is you book. You will find yourself being sad or maybe feeling impotent while reading, but always wanting to know more. This story has love (it is not the principal plot line), a lot of tragic stuff, a lot of reality....

What i think: I usually dont read this kind of books but recently i wanted to see the movie (i have never seen it) and before doing it i wanted to read the book first. It is an interesting story, sometimes I would felt sad while reading because this kind of stuff do happen and sometimes i would felt desperation by the naive attitude of the little girl but .... i recommend it.

I hope i have write at least in a decent way for you to understand my bad english. Also i hope to read more books and recommend them to you <3