Hello, my name is Miranda and i am just your average 19 year old female who is obsessed with mermaids, unicorns, and everything magical.
this is a few things about myself.

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I love reading, right now i am reading the harry potter books. I have never read the books before i know its crazy. I also love reading other books before i started Harry Potter i read Everything, Everything.
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working out is important to me because you should always try to be healthy. depending on my mood i swim, cardio, and recently i have been trying yoga.
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MUSIC it calms me or pumps me up depending on what i want to do. I love pop music like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Beyonce, and so many more.
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MAKEUP and FASHION i love fashion and and makeup. I like to look up fashion and makeup trends and sometimes they don't always turn out like the picture but that is the beauty of fashion and makeup.
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I love a good TV show and movie. Right now i am loving Riverdale totally obsessed with it but sometimes i just want to just watch a movie and my favorite movies are clueless and shes he man.
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Ok so i am one of those girls but i love Starbucks but the sad thing is that the closest one is is an hour away but i also love drinking green tea and other coffee drinks.
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I love everything Disney my favorite Disney princess is Belle from beauty and the beast which you probably knew. Then my favorite Disney movie is The Lion King.
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I also love scary movies my favorite one is Halloween mostly because i like to watch it with my younger brother whose name happens to be Michael.

I started a youtube channel my
username is (Miranda Eileen) because everyone loves promoting your channel.

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i was born August 15 so my zodiac sign is LEO
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I also love to paint my nails it is like another way for people to know what your personality is like or you can paint them the color of what your mood is like all fun then you can paint it crazy colors.

So basically i am a crazy, weird, person and i love it. Hopefully you enjoyed sort of getting to know me.