the seventh will always be the day that you left,
even if i did not know it at the time.
when you left you took a piece of me, and my questions will remain unanswered, so to cope i look for you in things. the following are quotes that i relate to the loss of you. you will forever be in my heart, when i look up at the stars, you're all i see.

“the night after you left, I woke up so broken the only place to put the pieces were the bags under my eyes”
–rupi kipur
“the stars shine but not so bright. When leaves rattle, the silence kills. Every heartbeat is a reminder of your memories. I hold myself together but fall apart in a blink. I miss you in waves.”
–anjum choudhary
“letting you go has been a slow death. And i'm scared, I’ll be dying my whole life.”
–steffi sharma
“I may forget the sound of your voice but not what was said the last time I heard it.”
–jm wonderland
“you said goodbye. And I cried my soul out.”
“I will always find a way to love you.”
–mark anthony
“to be beside you, just once more. I swear that would be enough."
“sleep is pointless: I’ll still love you when I wake up; I’ll miss you before my eyes even open.”
–autumn (autumnpoetry on Instagram)
“…for the first time in seven months, I speak out your name. And it hurts.”
–secondhandsins (on Instagram)
“…I miss you so much my chest aches and im scared that one day I’ll explode and during the autopsy the doctors will find pieces of you tucked inside of my heart and they’ll have to tell my family that I died from a disease that has no cure.”
–sighquoting (on Instagram)
“how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
–winnie the pooh

you have my heart forever.
all of my love, thomas.