A list of beautiful flowers, enjoy!

1. Rose

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Obviously, we must start with the classic rose. One of the most popular and loved flowers.

Yellow rose - friendship, mature love and joy
White rose - purity and peace
Pink rose - healing, innocence and first love
Red rose - immortal love and passion

2. Tulips

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The tulip represents resurrection and determination and they come in many colors. Fun fact: every tulip has 6 petals.

Yellow tulip - cheerfulness
White tulip - forgiveness
Purple tulip - royalty
Red tulip - deep love

3. Orchids

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The orchid is often forgotten as a beautiful flower. They represent love, luxury, and strength.

Pink orchid - pure affection
White Cattily orchid - mature charm
Sending pink and white orchids can convey a gesture of sympathy.

4. Sunflower

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Sunflowers are the famous flower of happiness. Their cheerful faces symbolize warmth, adoration and logevity. As they are an amazing decoration as they also provide oil and food.

5. Peony

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Peonies are very fragrant as they smell amazing. They come in many colors including white, red, yellow and purple. They are regarded as the flower of fortune and happy marriage, so they're great for a wedding!

6. Lavender

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Lavenders are a one shaded flower with purple, blue and violet as it's colors. They represent purity, devotion, silence and luck. They can be gifted to people for luck, wealth and wisdom.

7. Poinsettia

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These star shaped flowers are not actually flowers... They are a leaf which changes color to become a plant. The colors range from green, cream, white, orange, and red. However the red poinsettia's are the famous Christmas flower!

8. Snapdragons

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The snapdragons name comes from the snap sound it makes when the sides of a dragons mouth are gently closed. They represent deception and fascination.

9. Amaryllis

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These flowers are also known by the name naked ladies. The amaryllis comes in red, white, pink and purple. They represent radiant beauty and admiration as well as success won after a struggle.

10. Hibiscus

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Finally last but not least, the beach flower!! The hibiscus comes in red, pink, orange, yellow and white. This flower stands for courage and unity. Their five petals represent five kinds of duty, five kinds of happiness, five kinds of unity and all other qualities that add up to peace and happiness.

Thank you everyone!! I hope you learned something new about all these beautiful flowers.