Heyo guys.
I'm really bored and i've decided to write an article, i've seen other people doing this challenge and i thought of doing it as well.

1. Coffee or milk?

Temporarily removed coffee, aesthetic, and cup image

2. Drawings or paintings?

Image removed art, journal, and drawing image

3. Dresses or skirts?

fashion, style, and skirt image Image removed

4. Books or movies?

book, aesthetic, and vintage image car, vintage, and aesthetic image

5. Chinese or Italian?

aesthetic, food, and korean image food, aesthetic, and noodles image

6. Early bird or night owl?

car, blue, and night image rain, car, and grunge image

7. Hugs or kisses?

love, couple, and boy image girl, friends, and friendship image

8. Pie or cake?

aesthetic, bambi, and daily image Image removed

9. Ice cream or yogurt?

ice cream, food, and chocolate image ice cream, food, and pink image

10. Boots or sandals?

Temporarily removed adidas, aesthetic, and alternative image

11. Freckles or dimples?

aesthetic, alternative, and cool image eye, freckles, and brown image

12. Fruit or vegetables?

fruit, food, and mango image cherry, red, and fruit image

13. Tattoos or piercings?

Flagged For Review Temporarily removed

14. Cats or dogs?

dog, cute, and animal image dog, animal, and puppy image

15. Pancakes or waffles?

food image aesthetic, architecture, and accessories image

16. Sunrise or sunset?

sky, pink, and sunset image aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image

17. Laptop or desktop?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, chill, and japanese image

18. Leather or denim?

coat, asian, and jacket image fashion, style, and outfit image

19. Pasta or pizza?

Image removed food, pizza, and carefree image

20. Lips or eyes?

lips, pink, and aesthetic image eyes, eye, and beauty image

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed!
Love y'all ❤