wassup everyone?

so, this is my first article here and i decided to put some of my fav songs
here. i really love those ones and i hope i can write a article later about my favorite singers and band. hope you enjoy :)

1. stuck with me - the neighbourhood
1.1. wiped out!
1.2. female robbery
1.3. flowers
1.4. cry baby

the neighbourhood image
they're really my jam

2. want you back - 5sos

5sos, luke hemmings, and calum hood image
they are so cute <3

3. post malone ft. ty dolla $ign - psycho

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4. sit next to me - foster the people
4.1. pumped up kicks

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5. never be the same - camila cabello
5.1. crown ft. grey
5.2. in the dark

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6. not a love song - bulow

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7. what i need ft. kehlani - hayley kiyoko
7.1. he'll never love you (hnly)

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8. ocean eyes - billie eilish
8.1. bitches broken hearts
8.2 - my boy
8.3. &burn ft. vince staples

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9. say amen (saturday night) - panic! at the disco

amen, brendon, and brendon urie image

10. a change of heart - the 1975

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11. ilysb - lany
11.1. dumb stuff
11.2. super far
11.3. it was love

lany, rose, and paul klein image

that's it. i hope y'all like it, see you next time :)