not everyone's (but it should be) favorite season is incredibly slowly approaching up here in scandinavia BUT we are getting sum warmer temperatures and every once in a while the sun makes an appearence which is very nice!!


here are my must haves for spring!


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Sunglasses are some of my favorite accessories, they can either make or break your look but honestly, who gives a shit? If you like it, you wear it, don't mind you girl. I'm personally really obsessed with oblong style glasses atm, I think they're dope as hell. And also: the tinier the better?? Don't get me wrong, I love the big girls, but tiny shades are the shit right now, so cute.


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Don't be fooled by the sun, Mr. Frost likes to hang around for quite some time and you'll still need a cute jacket to keep yoself warm!! Of course you can never go wrong with denim, but you know what I'm also really loving?? Manchester jackets. (preferably red) or get yourself a real statement piece in leather!


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I am completely smitten with overalls, don't see how anyone can't be. They're so much fun and they come in so many different styles so you can wear them in chilly and warm weather, casual and formal. They're literally God's gift to human kind. I've seen some reallllly cute ones on Urban Outfitters (tho I wouldn't recommend urban bc eghhh fast fashion ain't that cute) but there are these specific pairs introduced to me by one of my favorite youtubers Nina Huynh (extremely pricey but bishhhh how cute are they??) and if you're interested you can find them right here:


You know, it doesn't have to take a lot of effort to spice up your look. If I don't feel like curling my hair or whatever what I do is that I just tie a hairband or scarf around my ponytail or just around my head and I'm good to go in a minute. OR pop in some freaking clips - seriously, a little goes a long way! But I would recommend getting yoself that fresh cut for the new season ;-)

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Okay, jeans are always valid and to me they're ALWAYS an essential, no matter the season. I think it's important to own at least three pairs of quality denim pants, but they're hella expensive so I thrift mine. Tbh, I thrift most of my clothes (because fast fashion sucks ass) but I specifically always find great QUALITY denim so, recommend recommend. But if thrifting ain't your thing (make it your thing tho) I have to recommend Urban Outfitters again. They have a bunch of cool styles too which I really appreciate because I love to experiment with designs and colours!


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I'm seriously obsessed with gold earrings, especially hoopy ones and heart or star shaped!! You should get yourself a pair or two or teN.


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Tee-shirt weather!!!!! Need I say anything more?


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Everyone needs a pair of statement trousers in their wardrobe, it's a fact. I think trousers are so much fun and I love them and I just want everyone else to find their love to trousers as well (because everyone has it okay). Again, second hand is your best friend!!


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