Hi guys! On Tuesday, I posted "How to get your life together (or at least try) Part 1: Motivation" and now, as I promised, I'm back with part two, and this time it is about scheduling.

If you haven't checked part 1 btw here's the link :)

2. Scheduling

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Up until today, schedules never really worked for me. I used to plan one or two days and in the end I'd never really do whatever I planned and never used the planner again in my life. But now that I'm trying to actually make a difference in how I live my life, I decided to go and get a good sketchbook and start using a planning method that actually looks fun and entertaining: bullet journaling. I started by taking care of the most important things first and sort them out in to my current uni schedule. This are the areas that I consider are the most important of them all.

  • Feeding Habits
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Since I was a little kid I've had a terrible addiction to sweet food and now I'm facing the consequences so I better work on that! I decided to try and eat the healthiest I can, and I've been tracking what I eat for two weeks now so I actually pay more attention to that, since I usually just ate whatever I could or found convenient. Tracking what you are eating is a good way of becoming more conscious and aware of how you're treating your body and it kind of pressures you to choose healthier options than what you're used to. I've found myself avoiding to buy snacks, drink coca cola, buying chocolate ice creams and starbucks mochas with tons of whipped cream, I never realised how terrible my eating habits were!

  • Fitness
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Exercising. Ugh. Way too lazy for that but oh well, everyone knows working out is good for your health, so, I started doing it too. I'm quite reserved and secretive about my life and what I do or don't do. Since I live with my parents I spend most of the time in my room. I don't like anyone poking their noses in to my homeworks, my habits and, well, my personal life in general. I decided to start working out on Tuesdays because I don't have classes on Tuesdays and nobody's home, and Sundays. My parents are home on Sundays so I tend to just go and walk my dog.

  • Hobbies
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As I told you guys in part 1, I started suffering from anxiety and depression in 2014 and I stopped doing all of the things I like: drawing, playing guitar, singing, reading and writing, etc. Even if things got better last year, I never got to do all of those things again. Doing all of the things that you enjoy are part of the key to happiness. I still have not arranged a good schedule to start practicing my hobbies again since I have tons of homework, but I'm taking it easy.

It's important to go slow in this process, if you start doing everything at the same time you may get overwhelmed and quit fast

  • Bullet Journaling
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I'm not gonna lie, bullet journaling is quite hard if you take it the artsy way. Between uni and the procrastination I'm battling I barely have time to update it, so here are some tips to start a bullet journal!

Whatever you decide to track (homeworks, eating habits, mood, etc) note it in your phone, so you can update the journal later.
If you are gonna be journaling the hard way like me (aka using stuff like gouache paint and watercolours to decorate the journal) update in weekends and follow my tips in Motivation so you don't procrastinate it
Start every month with pretty illustrations to get motivated for the rest of the month


Well, I think that's it!

I hope my experiences and tips help you and motivate you to start living a better life, aaaaand that you enjoyed reading what I had to say :)

Here's part 1 (again)

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