Ya girl is back, a little bored at the moment, but in the mood to share some amazing songs to add to your playlist for the month.
So check these out, and let me know if you like them.

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1. Nice for What - Drake
This dropped last night, and it's pretty awesome. It's Drake, so there's a good chance you'll like it too. Check out the music video on Youtube also.
2. Chasing Fire - Lauv
I've got this one on repeat. It's so good, so please check it out.
3. Self Control - DallasK
This electronic group is super awesome, and I recently discovered them. I've found some great tracks to workout with them, too.
4. Worry No More - Diplo
I'm totally in love with this song. Not only is the album cover beautiful, the songs are totally unique and have a great vibe.
5. Happy Now - Slander
If you are looking for great dance music, look no further than Slander. I fell in love with their song "Love Again" which I believe I've mentioned on a past article, and i've been with them ever since.
6. Deep Breaths - Lookas
Yet another great dance song. I work out to this one all the time.
7. Daddy Yo - Wizkid
So odd story, but I'm a Star Wars fan and a John Boyega fan, and I saw him in Pacific Rim, too. I saw on his Instagram, he posted a video of him dancing to this song, and how he included it in the movie since he produced it. I heard it in the movie and found it online, and haven't stopped dancing to it since. Thanks, John.
8. In the Morning - NAO
This is a chill song, and one I like to listen to when I'm reading or studying and want something calm. Highly recommend.
9. Merengue - Kent Jones
I heard this yesterday on the radio, and is super upbeat and should make you smile.
10. Wasted Times - The Weeknd
I know most everyone has heard 'Call out my Name', which is absolutely stunning, but this track is wonderful, too.

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That's all for now, but thank you for reading!
Side note: I got tickets for the opening night of Infinity War, and I literally couldn't be happier!
- peyton

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