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Y/N: Main Character
Rose: Sister
Jimin: Ex
Hoseok: Crush
Jungkook: Gay kid at school
Yoongi: Kid at school
Namjoon: Kid at school
Jooheon: Rose's boyfriend
Jisoo: Hoseok's ex
Jihyo: Hoseok's sister
Taehyung: Best friend
Jin: Friend of Hoseok at school
Jeongyeon: Best friend
Dahyun: New kid at school
Jennie: Girl mentioned once in this story

Chapter 1:

You wake up with the sun shining bright through your curtains.

Y/N: "What time is it?"

You sit up and check your phone.

Y/N: "Rose!!!"

It was already 9:45. You were late for your first day of school as a senior!

Rose burst through your door.

Rose: "What?"

Y/N: "I'm late!"

Rose: "Really? It's Sunday, school starts tomorrow."

You slump back into bed.

Y/N: "Aw shoot."

Rose: "Okay, well, I'm awake, so I'll go make breakfast. Come down when your ready."

Y/N: "What are you gonna make?"

Rose: "Probably waffles, so you can take your time."

Y/N: "Oh, ok."

You go to the bathroom and take a quick shower. After drying off, you go over to your closet to pick your days outfit.

This is what you put on:

fashion, pink, and outfit image

Going downstairs you see Roe setting down the last of the waffles she made.

Rose: "Oh hey, you're just on time! Oh, guess what?!?!"

Y/N: "Hmmm... I don't know, what?"

Rose: "Jooheon asked me out!!!"

Y/N: "What? When did this happen? Do you not realize Jennie is gonna flip? She's liked Jooheon since my Freshmen year!"

Rose: "1. He was the one to ask me out. 2. It happened just before you came, over text. 3. Let's eat.

- Magical Time Skip To The Next Day -

Your alarm woke you up at 7:15 the next morning. You slowly sit up in bed; stretching your arms as far as possible. Flinging your legs over the side of your bed, you stand up. You then make your way to your closet.

this is your outfit for the first day of Senior Year:

fashion, outfit, and style image

You grab your backpack from your desk and quietly make your way downstairs. Rose would still be asleep, so you you have to be quiet. You grab an apple from the bowl on the kitchen table and make your way to the bus stop.

Since you and Rose moved to a new house, it was going to take you longer to get to school.

as you get on the bus, you notice the back of a guy and a girl flirting with each other. You go ahead and sit in a front seat.

'Better give them some privacy'

Not that you coudn't hear them.

???: "Hahaha stop!"

You decide to put your earbuds in since it was going to be a half hour ride anyways.

- At School -

As you walk inside a teacher hands you, your schedule. As you walk to your locker the teacher assigned you, you look over your schedule for this year.

This is your schedule:
Homeroom - Math
Homeroom - History
5 Minute Break
Homeroom - Writing
- P.E.
- Music
- Student's Teach
5 Minute Break
- Dance
- Dance

'Looks like I have the same homeroom teacher as always.'

- BANG -

'What was that?'

???: "Stop staring at my girlfriend!"

???: "What?!?! You think I'm staring at Y/N? I have my own girlfriend now!

You see Jimin pushing Hoseok around.

'Oh, wow! Hoseok was the guy on the bus!'

Jimin: "Your girlfri-"

- Bring!!! -

'Annnd we're saved by the bell!'

You smile to yourself as you walk into the classroom.

???: "Y/N, come sit with me!"

You walk over to Taehyung, the only guy Jimin allows you to be with, since you guys were already friends since Kindergarten.

You sit down beside Taehyung. He was giving you a huge grin.

Y/N: "What? Do I have something on my face?

Taehyung: "No, it's just that Teacher let us choose our spots this year!"

You smile.

'With the noise in the room, that won't be for long.'

Teacher: "Class, quiet down!"

You hear the class slowly stop there talking.

Teacher: " Okay, so, we're going to start with a fun project for the start of school. What's gonna happen, is that, with a partner I choose, you guys will have to find an interest that you both like and make a presentation about it."

Jungkook raises his hand.

Teacher: "Yes, Jungkook?"

Jungkook: "Can't we just sit with our partners?"

'Why? Why does the most popular guy have to be so dumb???'

Teacher: "Why Jungkook! That's a great idea! I'll just read off your partners, but as long as you're with your partner you can sit wherever."

You didn't really listen to who was with who until your name was called.

Teacher: "Y/N, you will be partnered with Hoseok."


You turn to look at Jimin. He was glaring at Hoseok. You give yourself a sarcastic smile.

'This is going to be the best year ever!'