I don't know you,
I don't even know myself,
but I've been there where you are.
Maybe we are not old enough,
but we can feel sad.
I cried on my own too,
I fell apart a lot of times.
Just like you.
I have no cuts in my veins,
but my mind cut up sometimes.
Maybe it's because we are not old enough.
We cry,
we broke,
we hurt,
we are under the big eye
even when they say that the in
the world it's not everything about
us, they act like it is.

But hey,
even when we cry
and fall apart a lot of times.
Even when our minds make fun of us,
even if we are alone without friends
or comfort, we can reach de peace.
We can be happy,
we can be heroes,
we can be anything.
Maybe we are not old enough,
but that not mean that we can't
fulfill our dreams.

You're amazing,
You're awesome,
and for God's sake,
you're so enough.

Today you should bring all your pains to the shit.
Just relax and sit.
You can be stressed or anxious, even depressed.
But look around, people is dying, yes.
It's kinda sad how everything is going on,
but even in this moment you should say "what a time to be alive".
Thank God anytime,
if you don't believe in him still alright,
you still can say "what a time to be alive".