V; Verona, Italy

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Ever since reading about and watching the movie, I really want to see the city because of Romeo and Juliet

I; Ingolstadt, Germany

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I have been to Germany many times and i really want to visit this city because it is absolutely beautiful

C; Częstohowa, Poland

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Yet again, I have been to Poland on numerous occasions and I absolutely love it there

T; Toronto, Canada

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TORONTO BABY! This is my hometown and I absolutely am in love with it. In my opinion (this may be a bit bias) is the best city out there. I love the atmosphere and vibes it gives me.

O; Oslo, Norway

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Skam, just Skam.

R; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro is absolutely beautiful

I; Istanbul, Turkey

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A; Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The centre of aesthetic and it is so BEAUTIFUL UGH

Moral of the story, someone pay for my plane tickets